General: Please note that you enter Ama Amanzi Bush Lodge at your own risk. The owners, directors, agents, management and/or their employees are not liable for any injury/death to any persons whether caused by their negligence or not, nor for loss or damage to property, by theft or any other cause whatsoever.

Smoking is only allowed in designated areas. (open) fire is striclty forbidden at the whoel site.

Regarding pets and children we refer you to our policies

No firearms, motorized vehicles for usage other than transport from and to the accommodation, are permitted.

No harm or damage in any way or form to any animal, person or property may be done.


Child Policy

Parents/guardians need to be aware of the danger posed by wild animals and the natural environment Ama Amanzi Bush Lodge is situated in. Care should be taken in deciding when and where children are allowed to move around and/or play. We require that children remain under adult supervision at all times and that the parents/guardians ensure that their children do not disturb the peace and tranquility for the other guests.

Pet Policy

Pets are always welcome!

We have a few guidelines concerning bringing your pets: Owners are at all times responsible for their pets. If any damage occurs we will bring it to your account. We expect your pet to be well behaved both in and outside our accommodation and property, if your pets has issues with other creatures please take the necessary precautions. As we are in the bush, wildlife is present. We would like you to prevent any encounters between pets and wildlife (guinea fowl, porcupine, snake, kudu, warthog etc.) Even though our lodge is completely game fenced pets will be able to go through the fence and we want to prevent that. Keep in mind that your pet can show different behavior when in the bush due to the abundance of "wild" and potentially "new" smells and items around. You can take your pet for walks at our walking trails. Try to let your pet go to the toilet outside the lodges' areas so you don't have to clean it. Note that we have two dogs at the lodge, they live around the Main Lodge area which is 3.8km form your accommodation.